From January 16th, 2021 to January 29th, 2021 Tacrom Drilling SRL successfully drilled another Moftinu well for Serinus Energy in their Satu Mare concession. The development well has been drilled vertically to a TD of 1,000 m with our Drillmec HH-75 – Futura 1. The big advantage of his type of rig (hydraulic rig c/w telescopic mast) is the small footprint and reduced personnel requirements. The HH-75 can operate on rig sites of less than 900 square meters. The rig is trailer mounted and highly mobile and together with purpose built, containerized ancillary equipment short rig move times are possible.

“The whole operations were conducted under a strict, Serinus and Tacrom Drilling developed, Covid-19 safety concept and no incidents occurred”