Tacrom Drilling S.R.L. provides “fast moving Equipment Fleets” for small and exposed locations. The rigs as well as the auxiliary equipment is flexible and can be arranged in different configurations for purposes such as Drilling /Workover and Well Interventions.

The “fast moving” concept with polymer mats for reducing Wellsite preparation costs underlines the fast upstream operation for an efficient production startup of the well.

Tacrom Drilling focuses on small to medium sized mobile drilling units. It is our goal to maintain a modern and fit for purpose fleet of drilling rigs through a continuous upgrading and a ridged maintenance program.

Since the establishment of Tacrom Drilling in 2008 with one rig until end of 2013 we have expanded our fleet to a total of five rigs.

With rigs built to the highest standards combined with superior personnel we are focused to deliver first class services to our clients.